Francois Garcia is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in the fields of film and TV production, distribution, E-commerce, communications, digital and printed publishing, technology and merchant banking.

He founded IMPACT Media in 2001 and continues to bring one of a kind content to mass audiences through innovative streams of marketing. His most recent feature as Executive Producer is “Darwin”. Francois’s latest television production, “The McAfee Project”, the six part documentary series, set to air on SPIKE TV in 2016.

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Kim Berlin has produced over 17 feature and television films. She has hundreds of hours of episodic television, music videos and commercials during her thirty year career. A hands-on producer, she consistently brings projects in on time and on budget with creative integrity. Over the years, Ms. Berlin has won numerous awards for her feature films including Best Canadian Feature (The High Cost of Living starring Zach Braff) at the Toronto International Film Festival.

She is not only an expert on taking her films from ‘script to screen’ but in film finance as well. Her strategic prowess and knowledge base in cinema makes her a one of a kind producer. Kim’s latest production, the documentary the 6 part series, currently entitled “The Mcafee Project “ is set to air on SPIKE TV  and her latest feature “DARWIN “, both slated to be released in 2016.




Albert I. Melamed has been working as an international independent film producer for the past ten years. After earning success in the music video industry he seamlessly transitioned to feature films.

He financed and produced the award winning horror feature film, Lady Psycho Killer, starring Malcolm McDowell and Michael Madsen to be released in 2016.

He became SVP of Acquisitions and Development and a partner in IMPACT Media to continue to create unique and distinctive content. His ability to identify and implement  the constantly evolving trends in film distribution makes Albert an invaluable addition to the IMPACT Media team.




Sandeep has lead organizations in his previous capacities as CEO, COO, CMO and President. He has worked as an entrepreneur successfully developing companies and building value for their stakeholders, particularly in the information technology / information security, telecommunications sectors, film and multimedia sectors

He co founded IMPFM with Francois at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival and has acted as producer and advisor on multiple films and multimedia projects ever since.

Additionally has written for multiple independent film productions, children’s television programming, and produced experimental and independent projects.

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