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Project Description

Phreak is the real-life chronicle of the rise and abrupt fall of a boy who experiences more before he is 18 than most do in a lifetime.

Born blind and raised on welfare checks, this is the unbelievably true story of a young boy’s fight to live life on his own terms. Matthew emerges from the horrifying abuse of an alcoholic father with the help of his heroic young mother and finds himself up against school officials and institutions intent on doping him up and dumbing him down.

Discovering a whole new world on the phone, where sight is no advantage, Matt finds his niche among a devious subculture of phone hackers known as Phreakers. Turning the tables on a world that had no place for him, Matt uses his near supernatural hearing and memory to fashion himself into one of the world’s most intimidating Phreakers.

With a mischievous skill set and a blatant disregard for his future, Matt begins to live the lavish life he’s always dreamed of, showering friends and family with luxuries they never thought possible. His outrageous activity lands him in the cross hairs of phone company investigators and the F.B.I, initiating a dangerous game of cat and mouse between a boy and his government.