In the year 2149, a young man named Darwin lives like everyone else; in a small cement module with little more than a computer. He uses it for everything. Verbal communication has died out, but he often instant messages his mother. Darwin is fearful of the outside world, which is widely believed to be contaminated.

One night, during a violent storm, lightning hits Darwin’s module, which knocks out his computer. He is forced to do the unthinkable and go outside into the vast expanse of landscape. He is surprised to come across a beautiful young woman named Dara, living with her family, in a cottage in the woods. They teach him how to speak and show him the value of actual human contact. He is compelled to journey forth and share the knowledge of his new found life with his mother who is still trapped…however will it be too late for her?


With Nick Krause, Molly Parker, Juliette Gosselin, Daniel DiVenere, Jordyn Negri, Cassidy Marlene Jaggard and Colleen Giles

Directed by Benjamin Duffield

In an oppressive future, where everyone’s only contact is their computer, one lonely young man is forced to venture forth in search of human contact.

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